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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

A Hidden Hero At Hempfield

Mr. Bob Detarr

“There is no job to be ashamed of except for a job not well done.” These are the wise words of Mr. Detarr, or as many of you may know him, Bob. Every day I walk into lunch, and without fail, Bob is there with a kind smile and a friendly hello. Even though he is always hard at work, he simply makes my day a little brighter with his positivity. Jobs in the service industry are never easy, and we at Hempfield may not realize just how much Bob does for our School each and everyday.

Bob started working for Hempfield Area School District in 2010, 13 years ago. Before he was a custodian, Bob worked as a bus driver in the transportation department for 6 years. He is now stationed in the cafeteria full time and loves working side by side with his wife who is also a member of the custodial staff. He takes great pride in his work and truly puts in his best efforts everyday to make our school a better place. He mentioned that his interactions with the students combined with the exceptional lunch staff he gets to work with make his job even better. Bob expresses, “I have worked with a lot of people, but I have never worked with 12 [people who] work as well as a team as they do”.

Mr. Detarr grew up Greensburg, and though he graduated as a Greensburg Salem Lion, he affirmed that he would consider himself a Spartan at heart. In high school he was a part of the swimming team and carries this passion out today. He starts every morning off with a one mile swim waking him up, clearing his mind, and gaining a feeling of refreshment to start the day off allowing him to put his best foot forward. Sports have always been in his life whether he’s partaking in them or watching from the sidelines, as one of his other hobbies includes watching volleyball. 

Mr. Bob Detarr at RedWood Forest.

Along with being active, Bob and his wife love to hike and surround themselves with nature. They have hiked all three sides of the grand canyon and countless other trails in Utah. A fulfilled dream of Bob’s was to visit the tallest tree in the world. He said he didn’t want to die before getting to see a 300 foot tree,  so he traveled to RedWood Forest in Northern California to do just that.

 Not all hero’s wear capes, but I am honored to have met one of Hempfield’s very own heroes who always wears a smile and carries a kind, hardworking attitude with him wherever he goes. Like Bob says, “Being happy comes from within, whether it’s filling your days with what you love, or just doing simple things that bring you joy.” So always remember to be kind and smile, for something so small can really go a long way in another’s day.

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Miah Bentz, Contributor
"Beautiful in my opinion has nothing to do with looks. It's how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves." The Notebook of Life created this quote, and it is something that Miah Bentz believes in with her whole heart. Miah loves spreading positivity and uplifting others in any way she can. She has been a student in the Hempfield Area School District since kindergarten and is now a junior in high school. She has a strong passion for volleyball as she is a member of the Hempfield Area girls volleyball team and plays travel all winter long. She also loves making art, listening to music, and reading and writing poetry. Her hope this school year is to share positive stories about life at Hempfield that will brighten the days of and inspire others in the community.