The Final Moments

The Final Moments
Countdown to Graduation
Countdown to Graduation

The Final Moments

by Gianna Fannerella

The last moments of high school are now approaching. Graduation is getting closer and closer, the milestone we’ve been preparing for since kindergarten. These last days will fly by with festivities like prom, keystone testing, senior day, and of course, graduation. 

These final 9 weeks leading up to graduation were dreaded by some people while others savored it. Some may be thrilled to graduate, others might feel sad, and a few might not even be fazed by this sentimental occasion. All in all, it’s a race towards the finish line, one of many biggest achievements of our lives.

With all of the stressors that come with senior year, like getting the ideal grades to choosing the perfect college, or even applying for  scholarships, we should all enjoy the last moments because this is time we won’t get back. Here we are, preparing for the last days, hours, and minutes of high school and the start of the rest of our lives.


by Miah Bentz


Taken By: Miah Bentz, Mallory Bitar, Amara Bittner, Madelyn Black, Tanner Collins, Abby Harvey, Alyssa Manderach, and Laci Nease


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Remembering Parker O’Shell

Parker O’Shell

Though time has passed since December 9, 2022, we continue to remember Parker O’Shell. Parker was a son, brother, friend, firefighter, welder, and Boy Scout. He knew how to work hard and get his hands dirty. He had a mind of his own. Mostly, he loved his friends and his family very much.

It was important to him that he acted as a good role model for his brothers, Reese and Landon, and it was clear just how much he loved his mom. She was his number one priority. He appreciated all she and his grandparents did for him and his brothers. Parker was very passionate about the people and things he loved. For them, he gave his all.

His family and friends describe him as  “proud, loving, hardworking, and unapologetically himself.” Parker is missed every day by those who knew him. We remember him for the life he led, the person he was, and the legacy that will be carried on by those who had the privilege of calling him a friend.

Reveal Day

Congratulations to the class of ’24. You have made Hempfield Area a better place.

Sincerely, Your Royal Staff

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