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The Mighty, Mighty Wolfpack

Gia Christofano
The mighty, mighty Wolfpack

For most of us, the “daily grind” has us at a desk in a classroom, period after period, working through the lessons of the day. While we generally find value in our classroom experiences, we may ask ourselves the inevitable question: “When will I ever use this again?”

A group of CWCTC students have not only taken their “daily grind” outside of the traditional classroom, but have done so with great passion and friendship. Seniors Matt Steiner, Logan Bryner, Nicholas Polinski and Merrick Fritts – aka “The Wolfpack”- spend their days at Central Westmoreland Career And Technical Center not just learning the construction trade, but applying that training in a “real world” experience. Each day, this group of friends and coworkers have been adding an addition to the Cosmetology section on the CWCTC campus.

The Wolfpack works to complete the new cosmetology center. (Ken Lehnhardt)

 Working on a jobsite  after five periods of school is not easy for them, but each of them has gained experience not simply by learning about it, but doing it. According to Nick Polinski, this experience has allowed him to “learn a skill I would have for life.”

Logan Bryner agrees that it has helped him to “further advance his knowledge” in the area of Construction.

Merrick Fritts







Friends since middle school, Steiner, Bryner, Polinski, and Fritts  aren’t 100% sure of the exact origins of their “Wolfpack”  status, but what they can agree on is that being friends has only made this experience more enjoyable for them.

According to Merrick Fritts, this “Wolfpack” met “in football and school activities” with Bryner adding with a laugh that he, Merrick and Matt are “original members, “and we picked up Nick along the way!”. They all say that once they got the name  “Wolfpack,” it caught on more and more and pretty soon “everyone was calling us that.”

CWCTC Construction Trades instructor Mr. Ken Lehnhardt, sees their work as a “great opportunity for (the boys) to get live, real world experience”, but acknowledges that with a 60 day deadline to finish before winter, the task is not a simple one. “The Cosmetology addition is a huge undertaking to accomplish with students.” but, Lehnhardt adds, “The crew from Hempfield has been working hard to have the building weather tight before the colder temperatures move in.” 

According to Steiner they have been enjoying working on this project and cannot wait to see the finished product. “It’s been a good learning experience, and being able to work on it with people you like, makes it even better!”     

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About the Contributor
Gia Christofano, Contributor
Gia Christofano is a senior at Hempfield Area High School and it's her third year attending Journalism. Over the few years, she enjoys writing and learning about peers in our school. In her free time, she spends it with her family and friends or working at Chick Fil A. After school she hopes to be a real estate agent and take some economics or business classes. If those plans fail, maybe nursing school. She is excited to bring creative ideas to the class this year and wants to be more involved with the school. Gia enjoys all music genres and favorite food is seafood and Italian. Her favorite time of year is fall because of Halloween, her birthday and the fall drinks. Being outside is when she is at her happiest, seeing nature and the outdoors brings her joy. Gia is willing to get the job done and multitask.