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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
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The Last Ride
May 8, 2024


Are Promposals Worth the Hype?
Peyton Murray and his girlfriend, Laci Nease, to the 2023 prom. (Laci Nease)

Prom is coming up at Hempfield, and while some of you guys have already asked, we have some do’s and some definite don’ts to guide you in your “Promposals.”

Pro- The norm is that you must ask someone to prom with a poster and sometimes a treat, but that’s about it. Individuals seize the chance to showcase their artistic and creative abilities. Everyone involved is having a great time with this, but what should girls want to see on their poster? Do they even really care that much about it?

The idea of a prom proposal has a natural appeal to it because you may tailor your promposal to your date’s preferences. Many of them contain adorable puns that subtly hint at the person you are questioning about their hobbies. Since making a proposal is usually more enjoyable than just asking, it gives your prom date more flair and significance. Absolutely, it is appropriate to surprise your date with the proposal since it adds to the excitement and fun of the whole situation. However, this is typically only the case if the individual is already your date. All things considered, promposals are a delightful and enjoyable aspect of prom season and can significantly enhance your prom experience with a thoughtful, adorable, and sometimes humorous proposal. 

As long as it appears that the males put some thought and effort into it, girls don’t really care what guys put on the poster. 

Con- These Promposals aren’t as big of a deal to the boys making them.

They’re “not too big of a deal as long as she said yes,” according to senior Peyton Murray.

Some boys put tons of time into their poster, but most boys don’t match the girls’ desired effort. “Like five minutes,” Peyton Murray said when asked how long he spends on his posters. “I’m not too good at drawing stuff so my mom does it for me and I tell her what to write.”

Proposals as a concept seem antiquated; don’t they merely reinforce traditional gender roles in relationships? The majority of the time, only boys approach girls, which very slightly restricts a girl’s freedom to select who she wants to ask or go to prom with. While persistently using promposals solidifies the idea that “asking to prom” is a male responsibility, asking someone to prom doesn’t have to be a one-sided decision. Girls ought to have a voice in the selection and acceptance processes for prom. 

On top of that, asking someone for their consent destroys the surprise, so nobody can really say no. Not everyone reads social cues that suggest discomfort, and not everyone desires to show affection in front of friends, family, or coworkers. Going to prom with friends or by yourself is totally okay, so it doesn’t have to be some kind of romantic gesture. Prom dates shouldn’t be made mandatory since they only increase stress and reinforce outdated ideas about relationships. Prom is a rite of passage, but it doesn’t mean that archaic customs have to be followed. 

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About the Contributors
Laci Nease
Laci Nease, Editor
Born in Latrobe but raised in Greensburg, Laci Nease is the Public Relations Officer for Hempfields' National English Honors Society, Secretary for Project 18, Editor for Journalism, and is apart of a youth mentor program involved through Wendover Middle School. She fills her life with work, friends, and family. When she is not taking photos for the Hempfield football team, Journalism, and Mini-THON, Laci enjoys hiking with her friends and family at Ohiopyle, playing dominos with her grandparents, and working two jobs- so she can start saving for college. If Laci is not working one of her two jobs and is not at school, then she is most likely at the gym learning about her mental and physical health, or she is digging through her closet to find clothes, shoes, and other accessories to sell and donate. In future years, she hopes to go to college to get her bachelors degree in accounting and finance and her associates degree in communications.
Kalliyan  Wiegand
Kalliyan Wiegand, Contributor
Born in Pittsburgh and raised in Penn Hills, Kalliyan moved to Hempfield Area High School just three years ago. Kalli plays defense for the Hempfields girls' soccer team. If she is not at a game, practice, or team bonding event, she works as a hostess at Olive Garden. Kalli's best friend is her younger sister Millaney, whom she plays soccer with and spends a lot of time with. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She is involved in both Project 18 and Journalism. In the future, she hopes to get her Juris Doctor degree and become a successful lawyer.