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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

For the Love of Film

For the Love of Film

Last year was fantastic for film and cinema, with many great movies dominating the theaters. It seems as though Oppenheimer was the most highly rated film, winning five out of their eight Golden Globe nominations and being nominated for thirteen Oscars for the coming March. 

Golden Globes:

The Golden Globes Award Ceremony is an event presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to commemorate the best films and Tv shows of the previous year. This year was the 80th annual Golden Globes and was presented by comedian Jo Koy, who received much criticism for his lackluster jokes. All in all however, the globes were mainly a success for movies and TV Shows such as Succession, that won four Golden Globes out of the nine they were nominated for, The Bear, that won three out of the five they were nominated for, and of course Oppenheimer that won five out of their eight Golden Globe nominations. 

An underrated movie that also got attention was the Christmas movie The Holdovers which won two out of their three nominations at the Golden Globes. The movie was a true Christmas story that will undoubtedly be watched for many years as a timeless classic.

The Golden Globes also gave the best animated motion picture to the last studio Ghibli film Boy and The Heron created by the great director Hayao Miyazaki, who has said this will be his last film. The possibility of his son continuing his legacy is not foreseeable, but for now Miyazaki ends his glorious career with one last fantastic work of art. 


The Emmy awards are given to TV shows that have shown great excellence in the past year. Yet again it seems as though The Bear and Succession have dominated another awards ceremony. The Bear took home six awards at the Emmys including best actor and best writing for a comedy. Succession ended its final season winning six Emmys, including best drama for the third time. However, The Beef clearly showed the best performance at the Emmys being nominated for thirteen awards, and winning five. 

Upcoming Movies in 2024:

Looking into the future, it seems as though 2024 will go down as a year full of sequels. Many of these upcoming films may seem surprising to some as many did not expect sequels from some of these franchises. 

After twenty-four-years, Gladiator 2 will come out this year. To no surprise, it will be without the two star actors of the last film, Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe. The story is said to take place twenty-years after the first film and follow Maximus’ son Luscious. 

Another surprise sequel is Joker 2 or Joker: Folie à Deux, which surprisingly will be a musical/psychological thriller. Lady Gaga will be playing Harley Quinn, and Joaquin Phoenix will be back as the Joker. Many people are weary about this film because a sequel to the first one can seem forced to many audiences. However, hopefully it will be as dynamic as the original.

Three long awaited animated sequels will be coming out this year. After eight-years Kung Fu Panda 4 will finally be released this coming March. With the same cast of characters, many fans are looking forward to this movie. Another movie adding on to its trilogy is Despicable Me 4, where we will see Gru as a father. Maybe at the movies people will dress up again to see Gru in action. However the most anticipated animated film releasing in 2024 will definitely be Inside Out 2. This movie is releasing nine years after Pixar’s first Inside Out which is highly regarded as one of the great Pixar Films. This sequel fans will see an older version of the main character “Riley”, who has gained emotions with her older age.

Finally, this year will see many additions to franchises or trilogies in the making.. The long awaited Dune Part Two will be releasing this coming March. Director Denis Villeneuve has confirmed that he will be making a third and final film after Part Two to complete his trilogy. Deadpool 3 will also be released this coming March to officially make the Deadpool movies a trilogy. 

After being delayed in 2023, Ghostbusters Frozen Empire will finally be released March 22, 2024, making it the fourth installment to the Ghostbusters franchise. The same cast of characters will be back for an adventure, as they return to New York to defeat the ancient forces of evil. 

This year truly seems to be filled with great upcoming movies that will remind us why we have a love for film.

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