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Commitment to Exellence

Day in the life of an indoor track athlete

“Waking up early and being able to perform at our best every Saturday can sometimes be difficult and exhausting, but it is all worth it when you get a PR or have a good day spending time with your teammates.” 

Junior Allie DeMatt


The relentless beep of the 6 a.m. alarm,

signaling the beginning of a long, long day.

Boarding the bus feels like stepping into a world of fatigue,

sleepy faces and tired eyes. 

The ride is a mix of drowsy conversations and the buzz of the engine. 


The enclosed dome, 

once a place

 of anticipation and excitement, 

now gives off a sense of routine. 

Changing into warm-ups, 

each move weighed down by the morning haze. 

The frosty air forces everyone to focus, 

trying to shut out any distractions.


Between events, 

some huddle together, 

bent over textbooks, 

diligently working on assignments. 

The tapping of keyboards and rustle of paper,

layed against the sounds of racing footsteps. 

Others find comfort in playing board games, 

laughter cutting through the air, 

easing the pressure of the day. 

The dome becomes a reflection of high school life, 

where academic responsibilities and fun intertwine with the intensity of competition. 


Throughout the day, 

sprinters dash ahead, 

jumpers reach new heights, 

and throwers showcase their strength. 

Victories are hard-earned and goals are fulfilled. 

Cheers echo through the dome, 

marking the celebration of personal records and effort. 

Achievements are engraved in every stride, jump, and throw. 

The journey back on the bus is a mix of exhaustion and bliss, 

tired but full of stories from the day. 

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About the Contributor
Maddie Black
Maddie Black, Contributor
Born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Maddie Black lives with her mom, dad, and brother. She attends Hempfield Area Senior High School as a sophomore. She enjoys running and is a part of the cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track team. Along with sports, Maddie is a member of United Spartans and Spanish Club, allowing her to connect with her community and meet new people as much as she can. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and taking any chance she gets to do something new and fun. Most summers, she and her family go to Ocean Isle Beach as a family tradition. Although it is extremely selective, Maddie dreams of going to Brown University to pursue sports medicine where she will solely on her education.