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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

Turkey Turkey Turkey

Hollie Hill

A turkey is not just a bird many eat on Thanksgiving, but it is also a name assigned to obtaining 3 strikes in a row in bowling. It is certainly something that Hempfield Area Bowling Team members aim for at each event, and quite often, they are successful.

However, for such an accomplished and honorable team, how is it that the Hempfield Area Senior High School Bowling Team is so unheard of? The bowling team has been a strong competitor in both the district and state bowling competitions for the past 2 decades; yet they are hardly ever spoken about.

Senior bowler Hollie Hill suggests that bowling is so underrated because of the “niche and complex” strategies, rules, and scoring guidelines of the sport. 

Furthermore, senior Natalie Drexler wonders if the lack of popularity of the sport is because of how “inaccessible” it seems to students, as both bowling practices and competitions are held off-campus. Despite these hurdles, Josh Cayer is hopeful that the sport can become a popular event for students to attend and look forward to, especially this year.

First, spectators must understand the game. Bowling consists of 3 team matches. Each person bowls 10 frames per game accumulating points for the total team score. A game is won by winning 2 matches (best out of 3). Though each person bowls for the team, all of the individual scores are recorded to give an individual an average score that is used to qualify for regionals to compete in a singles match (1v1).

Secondly, spectators must know that they make a difference at these matches. Parker Cernuska, boys team captain, claims that bowling matches can get intense and nerve-racking. Still, last year, the boys bowling team made it to states and placed 7th. Cernuska expressed that he is excited to see how far his team and teammates can make it this year. Having fans rooting for them would build the confidence and strength of the team.

Moreover, Brooke Hess vouches that all that’s needed to enjoy watching a bowling competition is to have a team to root for.  

The captain of the girls team, Sarah Leasure, announced that she is excited to help lead her team to the regional bowling match. This is a hefty goal, but as of now, both teams have claimed one victory on their road to success.

While spectators may have to go to Hillview Lanes to watch Hempfield Area’s team bowl, it is more than worth it to experience the rush of watching our Spartans, one of the best bowling teams in the state of Pennsylvania.

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