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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

Heroes Of Hempfield

By Gianna Fannerella and Tyler Goodlin
John Kubenic, a 1988 Hempfield Graduate.

Originally known as Armistice Day, but changed to Veterans Day in 1954, November 11th, is a day when we recognize and honor all of those people who have taken their time to serve and defend this country. It is also a time for us to stop and understand what it actually means to “serve.”

This Veterans Day, Hempfield proudly recognizes alumni like retired Brigadier General John Kubenic, a 1988 Hempfield Graduate who served in the U.S. Air Force.  We recognize staff throughout the district who have served our country like our High School principal, former Army Sargent Dr. David Palmer, and Stanwood Elementary teacher, Carina Muchoney (Air Force). Finally, we recognize classmates like senior student Logan Bryner who plans to serve in the Marines after graduation.  While their motivation for serving may differ, the one common theme that runs through their stories is the desire to serve – not just their country as a whole, but their friends and family who have helped make them who they are today.

We thank them for their time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. As a community, we are grateful for all they – and all who have served – have done to keep our country safe.

For Dr. David Palmer, “Service” is about personal sacrifice. According to Palmer to serve has “different meanings to different people. For me, to serve means self-sacrifice and putting the country before yourself. Not everyone is willing to do that, of course. But it’s doing something you truly believe in.”

Senior Logan Bryner, who enlisted into the Marines.

Carina Muchoney, who served in the U.S. Air Force, stated, “When I think of what it means to serve, I think of my favorite quote by JFK, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’ That one sentence means so much.  We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country. Serving in the Air Force was a way to give something back.”

Senior Logan Bryner is a student enlisted into the military this year following graduation. When asked why he decided to join the military, he stated, “Because I’ll be able to travel.” He indicated that, “I’m going into the Marines. My step-dad was also a Marine; that made me want to join.” We wish Logan the best of luck and thank him for his commitment to the Marines after graduation.

Finally, for Spartan Alumnus, and Air Force Brigadier General John Kubinec, it’s a life spent dedicated to a country and a cause. According to Kubinec, ” Every time I came home to Western Pennsylvania, people would ask me if I was still ‘in the service.’ They didn’t ask if I was still in the military, but ‘in the service.’ It was something that always stuck with me and helped me remember what I was doing with my life was all about serving others. I was honored to wear the uniform of our nation for 32 years… .”

There are many ways to honor our Veterans, from a genuine ‘thank you for your service’, to following in their footsteps and serving in the military yourself. But the best way to honor our Veterans is for each of us be ‘in the service’ in our own way. To serve our families, to serve our school, and to serve our community.

— Brigadier General John Kubinec

We can all learn from Kubinec’s statement and apply it daily in our own lives. To honor those who have sacrificed for our country, we can serve each other, our families, our peers, and our community to make Hempfield Area all that it can be. As Kubinec says, “It is in that spirit of serving others, that we honor all of those who have served us.”

Thank you to those who have served and continue to serve us daily.

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About the Contributors
Gianna Fannerella
Gianna Fannerella, Contributor
Senior, Gianna Fannerella born and raised in Greensburg PA, is a proud Hempfield Spartan. She has been a contributor to The Royal for the past 2 years and is thrilled to continue it for her senior year. After previous journalism field trips to Point Park University and getting an inside look at how the news and radio aspects take place, she has found an interest in writing news articles. Gianna believes that our school's newspaper is a way for Hempfield Area students to acknowledge what goes on in the area and in school. While much of her time is spent with family, Gianna's hobbies are dancing and spending time with her boyfriend. She found a love for dance at a young age. After joining her  competitive dance team 2 years ago, she enjoys dancing on the stage as well as traveling to different places. Discovering new places is always a plus for Gianna.
Tyler Goodlin
Tyler Goodlin, Contributor
Tyler Goodlin has Spartan in his blood; his father a Spartan, his grandfather a Spartan, and now he a Spartan. Born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, he spent his elementary days in Hempfield, but moved to Tampa for a brief stint. He returned to Greensburg at the age of 16. With his father being an executive for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Tyler has always been interested in journalism. Tyler spent many days at the Trib's headquarters in Pittsburgh studying how newspapers are produced. He decided to take up journalism senior year with collage on the horizon, a minor in the subject is very likely for Tyler. His time outside of school is spend golfing and focusing on his studies. He enjoys travel and has seen most of the United States. All of this travel makes Tyler very cultured and open minded to new ideas. Tyler's plans after high school include attending a four year university and studying finance. Taking journalism should help him in his journey to become a successful college student.