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Seniors gather together after Mini-THON and sing to Revival by Zach Bryan.
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The Day of Honoring


Annually, on November 11th, America takes the day to honor and remember the courageous people who have served our country. Our school is hosting a Veteran’s Day Assembly on Thursday November 9th. There are five speakers scheduled to talk about their personal experiences in service and their contributions to our community.

Mr. Bertani, one of the organizers of the program, says it’s a spin off of what Project 18 was doing with the message of “We All Serve.”

People featured in the assembly include district personnel Bob Reger (U.S. Navy), high school principal Dr. David Palmer (U.S. Army), Chief of School Police Officer Len Lander (U.S. Air Force), teacher Mr. Ken Stough (U.S. Army), and student Logan Bryner who is enlisting in the marines.

This assembly will highlight how these individuals continue to serve each day in our Hempfield Area community.

Thank you to those Hempfield Area School District employees who have served:

Hempfield Area High School

  • Tom McNulty- U.S. Navy
  • John Doerzbacher- LT USN  
  • Dr. David Palmer – U.S. Army
  • Paul Fantaske- Army Reserve 
  • Ken Stough- U.S. Army – 3rd Infantry Division 
  • Charlotte Thomas – U.S. Navy

Harrold School

  • Brad Heilman-  U.S. Air Force
  • Pat Valenti-  U.S. Army

West Hempfield Middle School

  • Hans Damerow- U.S. Air Force

Stanwood Elementary

  • Carina Muchoney-U.S. Air Force

Central Administration:

  • Bob Reger- U.S. Navy

School Police- 

  • Len Lander – U.S. Air Force 
  • Don Constantine – U.S. Marines 
  • Scott Saxton – U.S. Army 
  • Jeff Lewis – U.S. Marines
  • Chris Karnes – U.S. Marines

Students Planning to Serve:

  • Logan Bryner- U.S. Marines


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