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John Kubenic, a 1988 Hempfield Graduate.
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November 9, 2023
The Day of Honoring
The Day of Honoring
November 9, 2023
Thankful for You cards can be completed during activity or lunch periods.
Thankful For You
November 9, 2023
Spartan Planning Committee preps for the Veterans Day Assembly.
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November 9, 2023
The Clay Shooting Team
Shootin’ Clay
November 9, 2023

Fellowship Amidst the Halls of Hempfield

Ally Piasecky
Marcus Smith shows a S.W.A.T. sign!

In the public school realm, religion is a subject that doesn’t get brought up much. That doesn’t mean that none of the students have an interest in it, though, which is why the Christians in Action club exists.

 Last school year, then junior Sam Piasecky and art teacher Mr. Billeck teamed up to start the CIA club, a club that had previously not existed at Hempfield for years. When asked why he started the club, Sam remarked “We started the club to be able to connect kids who all value their faith and to hopefully show kids in the school a view of Christianity they don’t usually get to see; teenagers loving Christ and hopefully loving [their] neighbor.”

 Gradually more students started to show interest in and join the club. This school year, CIA is back again, but with a new sponsor.

 Since activity period got moved to period one this year, Mr. Billeck is unable to hold meetings in his room. Graciously and enthusiastically, though, Mrs. Byers stepped up to become the club’s new sponsor. When asked about her thoughts toward the club, she said, “I am excited to be a part of Christians in Action and especially to be a part of this new program, Spartans Walking After Truth. I am looking forward to getting to know current club members and hoping to grow our community of members.”

One of the club’s most loyal attendees last year, now senior Marcus Smith, is back again, and he’s brought a new program with him that will be sponsored through Christins in Action. It’s called S.W.A.T. (Spartans Walking After Truth). When asked about what the club means to him, he said, “To me, SWAT/CIA means not only am I not alone in my beliefs, but there is another place other than church to discuss and express the Gospel of Jesus. I believe this club is beneficial to our school because in the twisted world that we live in now, it is easy to get involved in the wrong stuff and go down the wrong path. This club is an opportunity for students to create a relationship with Christ and find out how we can find redemption and live a better life.”

This year, the club hopes to grow and do more than ever before. Along with discussions between members on the concepts and challenges of the Christian faith during meetings, the club is also excited to perform service in the community. Planning has already been underway for the holiday season with hopes to be involved with the women’s shelter for Thanksgiving and volunteer outside of stores for the Salvation Army during the Christmas season. It’s service like this that the Christians in Action club hopes to shine God’s light through.

It seems that the allure of the CIA club is that it’s an environment where shared values can be explored, encouraged, and carried out in a place that doesn’t have anything else like it. Meetings are held on Day 1 in room 229. Old members are excited and new members are welcome to be a part of Spartans Walking After Truth.

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About the Contributor
Ally Piasecky, Contributer
Born and raised in Jeannette, Ally Piasecky is a junior at Hempfield Area Senior High School - the district that she has been attending since Kindergarten. At school, she is a member of the Hempfield Area cross country team, as well as a member of the United Spartans and Christians in Action clubs. This 2023-2024 school year, she is specifically excited for her English and History oriented classes, since after high school, she wants to major in something language arts or social studies related. At home, she is the middle child of her and two brothers, Sam and Reid, something that has helped to shape Ally into the person that she currently is. In her free time, she enjoys having profound discussions with her youth group at Mother of Sorrows Church, cooking and baking for her family, reading, and going on long drives. Through her work on the Journalism team, Ally hopes to bring a deeper sense of unity and joy to Hempfield Area High School. She also hopes to connect with more students, of all kinds, so that she can be a well-rounded student at Hempfield herself while she is here for the next two years.