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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

9th Graders Experience Their First Pep-Rally

Emily Long
Devan Bordonaro and Katie Wentzel give the pep rally a thumbs up!

The Hempfield Area High School Pep-Rally this year was a one event that helped bring 9th graders and upperclassmen together.

It was a fun way to bond together and recognize fall sports.  Jacob Buchholtz is a member of the football team and was in the stands during the pep-rally. “The pep-rally was hype, and I am happy that the 9th grade student council team won the game,” said Buchholtz. Buchholtz enjoyed getting to hangout with the older players on his football team.

“I think the pep rally helped me connect with people and I think there should be more events with the older students,” Jacob said.

Jacob Buchholtz, Freshman (Nella Bompiani)











In addition, Katie Wentzel, a freshman soccer player for Hempfield, liked the Pep rally because she said it was fun talking to her friends. “I enjoyed sitting with my sports team, and getting to see my teammates who go to the school,” said Wentzel. Wentzel thought that the pep rally was really fun and entertaining.

The pep-rally also allowed student council members from different grade levels to connect and get to know each other. Liam Reese, who is a member of the 9th grade student council and also a member of the football team, said “I though the pep-rally was fun and a good experience to get to know the people in the student council with me”. Reese also participated in the relay race, helping the freshmen team to come out on top.  “Participating in the game for the student council was really fun, and I hope we can do it again,” expressed Reese.

Madison Courtney is also part of the student council and a varsity cheerleader. Courtney said that she enjoyed the pep rally. “I liked participating in the relay races even though I was embarrassed after falling off the scooter,” said Courtney with a laugh. She said it was exciting when they beat the upperclassmen in the races.

Subsequently, there are many different activities that the pep rally helped to recognize. For instance, Jack Haley is a member of the Hempfield Band. Haley, who plays the drums thought it was “cool that the whole school got to watch us play”. Haley thinks there should definitely be another pep rally, and that it needs to be “hyped up”.

Lucas Simmons, Freshman (Nella Bompiani)
Jack Haley, Freshman Band  Member (Nella Bompiani)

The pep-rally was a great experience for everyone, even the students in the audience. Lucus Simmons was experiencing the pep-rally from the stands with the rest of the 9th grade class.  He is excited for our winter sports pep rally and encourages other  students “to participate in the games.”

Shayna Ofchinick was a student observing from the audience. She liked being with other high school students, especially upper-classmen who freshmen will interact with on a daily basis in the years to come. 

Devan Bordanado said, “I liked the walk over. It was a fun experience.” Bordanado enjoyed being at the high school. She liked seeing her upperclassmen friends and talking with people she usually doesn’t get to talk to since they go to the actual high school.

Overall, the Hempfield Area High School Pep-Rally was a great and fun way to bring together all the students from different grades and activities. 

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