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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024

Reggie’s Tails

Mr. Tim Turner
Reggie, the snake

One of the new classes that has been implemented this year at Hempfield Area High School is Zoology taught by Mr. Turner. Only open to Juniors and Seniors, Zoology is a course that according to Mr. Turner, allows students to “see the progression and complexity of organisms, from the most simple, to animals like us”. 

With this new class comes a new experience all together as Mr. Turner’s pet snake Reggie joins the class. They named him after the snake from The original Indiana Jones movie who scares the adventurer but is in reality, a beloved pet. Reggie is “two years old” and “thirty-nine inches long” and was given to Mr. Turner as a “birthday present”. 

Most people are afraid of snakes, but Mr. Turner assures that once you’re more “educated about something, it tends to be a lot less scary”. 

Reggie curls up in his new home, Mr. Turner’s room. (Mr. Tim Turner)

The Zoology course was brought to Hempfield because Mr. Turner thinks that “with people focused on the Keystone Testing, the fun stuff [of biology] gets lost”. Reggie’s part in the classroom is to show students that he’s not a “scary slimy beast,” and that snakes have a lot of “benefits to nature”. 

The number one teaching goal Mr. Turner wants to reach is “just get kids to become naturalists” and “appreciate what’s out there”. He believes that once the students do this, they’ll want to “respect it and conserve it”.

 The new class seems to be a success, and with many students being able to pet Reggie, most come to realize that “he’s not this evil beast trying to kill Harry Potter”.

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Quentin Pettinato
Quentin Pettinato, Contributor
Quentin Pettinato is sixteen years old and a junior at Hempfield Area High School. He is a soccer varsity captain along with Junior Nathan Tonini and Sophmore Braden Crowe. He enjoys mountain biking with his Dad and takes joy in going to the movies with his friends whenever he can. Quentin plans to be a sports journalist after he graduates from Hempfield. He got into journalism after watching soccer show Ted Lasso. His favorite character, "Trent Crimm" is a respected journalist for the premier league. Quentin's motto is that "It is what it is", and whatever it is, he will report it.