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The Final Moments
The Final Moments
May 15, 2024
The Last Ride
The Last Ride
May 8, 2024


Every year the high school experiences some sort of change. Whether positive or not, students have adapted to them each time. But this year is quite different as the freshmen are across the street from the place they have so anxiously been waiting to join.
Layla Harvey
Mr. Davis bringing life to the hallways.

Hollow Hallways

With all the new changes coming to Hempfield Area High School, one of the most evident is the lack of people walking through the hallways. The emptiness of the hallways is caused  by the class of 2027 being relocated to Harrold School. The hallways at the high school have always had a reputation of being packed and crowded, especially around the stairs and turns in the school. Conversely, this year at the high school, the hallways are more open and extremely easy to navigate, making it easier to get from class to class.

Although the lack of students traveling through the halls has been convenient for getting to class on time, many upperclassmen wish for more school spirit. Junior, Carys Short explains that [the high school] “doesn’t feel the same as previous years.” Only having grades 10-12 in the building has created a calmer but less enthusiastic atmosphere.

The future construction process is unknown up to this point, and there has not been an announcement as to when all grades will be back together in one place. Officer Slater notes that without the freshmen class, “there is way less noise and not as much bumping into people, throughout the day.” The changes have been of course both good and bad for all of the staff and students throughout the building.

The Harrold Experience

Has the school ever felt smaller? That may be because a whole grade is not up at the high school this year. Due to the renovations, all incoming students going into 9th grade have been moved to Harrold. That means that all the middle schoolers who would’ve attended Harrold, now attend one of the two other middle schools, West Hempfield Middle School or Wendover Middle School.

The experience for the freshmen’s first year of high school is completely different from the experience of every other high school student at Hempfield. Ava Deguffroy, a freshman states, “I actually don’t mind being at Harrold; its a new experience and honestly not as bad as people say.” 

For some students, being separate from the high school may be a little disappointing because they won’t get to spend their first year with grades 10-12. They won’t be able to interact with new people outside of their grade level or get the “freshmen experience.” Freshman, Shayna Ofchinick states, “although Harrold isn’t bad, I still wish I could spend my freshman year at the high school.”

Reconstructing and Relocating

The construction of the new and improved Hempfield Area High School was supposed to start this past summer. As anyone can tell, that’s not the case. Many  teachers had to totally relocate classrooms in the building. Mr. Davis, a loud and energetic staple to the main hallway, has been moved to the basement. While his voice can be heard echoing from the bottom floor, his presence is missed in 133. Davis says,  “It is what it is.” Students now have to adjust to the anatomy of the high school changes.

With the construction pending, more and more questions develop. Will it even start this school year? It doesn’t seem promising. However, if it does begin, changes will occur. According to the 2023-2024 Grade Level Meetings slideshow, “All PE classes [will be] the field house gym,” “Field House parking lot [will be] closed,” and the “Road between the high school and stadium [will be] closed.”

Overall the high school has gone through many significant changes due to impending reconstruction, but everyone must come together and do their best to make it work.

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Layla Harvey
Layla Harvey, Contributor
Born and raised on a farm in Uniontown, Pa, Layla Harvey is now a junior at Hempfield Area High School. Layla moved to Greensburg with her mom and siblings back in 2014. In her free time, Layla likes to shop, hang out with her friends, play with her yorki poo named Theo, and spend time with her family. Layla has 8 siblings, 1 older and 7 younger. Her favorite vacation spot is Oak Island because she and her whole family go there every year. Layla's favorite food is sushi and goes to her favorite sushi restaurant at least once a week. A fun fact about her is that she actually transferred to Greensburg Salem High School after going to Hempfield her whole life. She was their for a day and then realized how much more comfortable she was at Hempfield. Now she's back and ready to report the news.
Parker Donsen
Parker Donsen, Contributor
Parker has been attending Hempfield Area. Parker grew up in New Stanton were he attended Stanwood Elementary.  This is his first year  getting involved with the school in athletics and journalism. He has traveled for baseball all summer going all around the country. Parker likes hanging out with friends and going to the gym in his free time. This summer, he worked for All American Athletics with all of his friends, which is a basketball gym floor company. He plans on continuing his career in college. Parker also went to the beach this summer and continues to love to travel. Parker likes a range of music from rap, country, rock, and hip hop. Some of his favorite bands/ artists being Kendrick Lamar, Zach Bryan, J Cole, and lil baby. He hopes to use this knowledge and experiences to bring ideas to the paper.
Malana Ofchinick
Malana Ofchinick, Contributor
Born and raised in Greensburg, Malana Ofchinick is a junior at Hempfield Area High School. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her 4 dogs, going to Hempfield games, swimming, and going shopping. After school, Malana rushes off to her job as a hostess at Edo Hibachi. Every year, Malana goes to Myrtle Beach with her mom, 2 sisters, friend Carys, and grandparents. A fun fact about her is she has four hamsters and then one day woke up to four hamsters babies.  She will be bringing a creative mind, open perspective, and new ideas to the group.
Dick Dornin
Dick Dornin, Contributor
Richard Dornin was born and raised a Hempfield Spartan his entire life. He, however, has not always been interested in writing. From playing basketball since he was in third grade, going through surgery on his knee, and never really being super interested in school to really wanting to embrace a passion that has been hiding deep inside. Dick is looking to write about current events that happen at Hempfield for the newspaper and pursue higher levels of journalism and writing in general after graduating college. Most of his time is spent playing basketball for the school and working after school along with on the weekends. Between participating in these activities and work, he finds time to hang out with his friends. Dick's plans for after high school involve attending university for four years and studying social work and communication with the intentions of getting into journalism as a writer.