35 Dollars & A Big Idea

35 Dollars & A Big Idea

With just “$35 and a big idea,” a person could start on a journey that changes the rest of her life. This was explained by The Trendy Bunny Owner, Alisha Edwards, as she initiated the Small Business Seminar held for Hempfield Area students on March 15th. 

Hempfield Area Alpha Omega, STEM Literacy, and 9th grade students took the opportunity to listen to local business owners about their journey in building their brand. Students traveled to The Trendy Bunny Cafe Event Center in Greensburg to hear from these very inspirational women. The six businesses included The Trendy Bunny (Alisha Edwards), Cutie’s Coffee (Kait Dronzek), Oliv Creates (Olivia Robel), Red Brick Yoga (Ange Merendino), Blank School Commons (Jennifer Simmers), and Four Oaks Bakery (Emily Jobe). Since her original idea, Edwards has now expanded to having two physical locations where individuals can online order drinks and bakery items, dine in, host large party events, and much more!

Not only is Alisha in this for herself, but she has also helped several other women start their own businesses such as “Oliv Creates” and “Cutie’s Coffee.” Alpha Omega student Kennedy Nelson explains that “It was a very eye opening experience for all of the hard working students who went. I wasn’t expecting to take much away from it, but we learned so much about small business.”

Every morning, students walk through the doors of high school unaware of what they are capable of. After this session, it’s clear that we can do anything we put our minds to; so get out there, start paying attention to your interests, and follow your dreams! 


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