Superstar Senior

Superstar Senior

A fellow Hempfield Area student, Katelyn Hutchison, is a high spirited hard working senior. Currently she is employed at Redstone Highlands nursing home and keeps up with her school work on the side. She juggles many responsibilities day to day including helping her boyfriend’s grandma at her house three times a week.

Katelyn is a sincere down to earth person who sees people for who they are. At Redstone, she expresses her welcoming, compassionate side to the residents.

Katelyn shares that she has a favorite resident, β€œShe is 103 almost 104 years old and is a total gem. She doesn’t remember me or short term memories but has amazing stories from her days. She helps me brush my hair and do my makeup the natural way. Seeing her brings me joy and pushes me to work.”

Katelyn also remembers being made birthday cards by the residents. In the future, she is thinking about nursing school to further her gift of caretaking.

Not only is she an empath in the workforce, she is an empathetic friend. Katelyn is a giving and thoughtful friend and someone I find myself relating a lot to. As she continues through the school year she explains, β€œA lot of people misinterpret my job and think it’s easy; trust me it’s not always easy. I take a lot of pride in my job because I get to help people and the residents never fail to make me feel so loved and appreciated everyday.”

Her love for her job is very admirable, and her bright personality is simply fun to be around.

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