Shining Bright: Sarah Podkul

Shining Bright: Sarah Podkul

Hempfield Star Shines In Every Season

High school is a time when the ability to balance matters. With classes, clubs, and sports converging, only some thrive and shine. One person who flourishes is Sarah Podkul, a three sport student athlete who plays basketball, volleyball, and softball while balancing multiple honors and AP classes and clubs. 

Sarah Podkul, now a senior, is a hard working, outgoing, and very well known individual here at Hempfield Area. Although she has many accomplishments, she is most known for her kind and warm heart showcased in our halls and on the court or field. Her athletic success is noteworthy as she plays three different but challenging sports, thriving in each of them.

In the fall, she is involved in volleyball. This is Podkul’s 6th and last year playing. It was a phenomenal year for Podkul with the team having lost seven seniors, she stepped up to the challenge as libero and played strongly throughout the whole season. Head Coach Ashten Flynn had many kind words to say about her, “Sarah played a key role on our volleyball team the past 3 seasons, she hustles; in practice, at games, and in the classroom and she does it with grace. I’ve never seen a student have so much on her plate and handle it so well!”

Podkul was named co-captain with Ashley Hosni, and she was awarded First Team All Section, Tribune-Review Westmoreland “Athlete of the Week ”, and an honorable mention from the WPIAL. This was after having received Third Team All Section in 10th grade and then First Team in 11th grade.

Going into the winter season, Podkul will continue with basketball, which has been one of her passions for the past 10 years. With her senior season just starting, she is already making an impact on her team in a great way. She shines as point guard by running her team’s offense and being a leader.

One of her teammates, Ashley Hosni, said, “Growing up with Sarah, we started playing basketball together in 4th grade. It is nice playing with her now after building connections, and it shows on and off the court. Having chemistry helps us all play as a team when setting up shots and playing defense.”

Podkul has received Second Team All Section in 11th grade and Honorable Mention in 10th grade basketball seasons.

Finally, Podkul joins her softball team in the spring. Softball has been her longest played sport, her having started 13 years ago. She had an exceptional junior season and being a very strong player made a huge impact on her team. Her outgoing and charismatic attitude on top of her amazing plays on the field make her a positive force who pushes others to success. Podkul received Tribune Review All Star award last year for softball and plans to strive again for more this upcoming spring. 

Sarah Podkul is “the girl” when it comes to a well rounded student, classmate, and athlete. She shines bright on whatever platform upon which she embarks.

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